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Before completing the registration form, read carefully the methods for the correct transmission of your data and attachments, useful for a correct participation in the selections.
  1. Create a folder on your PC named with your art name or with your name and surname.
  2. Insert in the folder the necessary materials for participation such as: copy of identity document, creative sketch, short description of the work in word format or other text format, your artistic curriculum and portfolio.
  3. Create a zip file of the folder.
  4. Fill out the registration form by clicking the button below and follow the instructions that will be sent to your email address.
  5. Once you have completed the form, as described by email, you will need to send the zip to the address If the folder exceeds 10Mb, use the free wetransfer service to send the file to the email address above.
Be careful, it’s important to respect what described above under penalty of exclusion from the selections.


Candidates are required to make a creative sketch, the painting must be of a size consistent with the available surface:
This year the theme is the BRIDGE.
The bridge is one of the symbols of this small lagoon country, but it also represents COMMUNICATION and LINKING. Urban art is currently one of the strongest communication tools and we want these concepts to inspire you to represent your concept of connection. The sketches received will constitute a pool of creativity that will be used for the completion of the MANUFACTORY Project program. Artists will be called later to adapt their sketches in the moment in which the precise portions of wall to be painted for each artist will be defined.